photograph by Marcy Gonzalez

I believe it's reasonable to say Domineko is less than a Tupac in his hay, but far more than your average local rapper in todays age of hip-hop. His combination of relativity and rebellion are found all throughout music lovers who gravitate towards creativity.  A true Midwesterner in today's artistry, not only in hip-hop, but in all genres of music and art, are gifted with versatility and originality. If you grew up in the Midwest, it comes natural to study and implement different styles of music within your material. Domineko is a perfect example of how to heighten your level of competency by simply exploring artists and producers of different methods and styles.

-Alex McDonald


When Domineko said he wanted to make an album with me, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. His style is so diverse, I knew producing the project would be challenging. Neek can rap, he can harmonize, he can sing... Neek can rock up tempo east coast beats at 90 BPM, and then balance that with mellow quasi-R&B track at 60 BPM. I was excited, but also terrified. I had not heard much of his music at the time, the only release I had heard being Wood Floors (which I also produced on). After hearing the tracks from Wood Floors though, I was more than ready to work with Neek.

I had met Neek through dot who we ourselves had just finished up our album EQUALITY. I may have met him earlier at a show or event, but the first time I remember was in KC when we were shooting our video to Vapors. We were all in his tiny one bedroom apartment, Kendu had staged the dining area with lights and a backdrop, I was running a fog machine blowing smoke on Dev's face, and Neko's two dogs were trying to have sex with each other in the living room. I looked at Neek and said, 'this is by far the strangest video shoot I've ever been to'. 

Shortly after coming off EQUALITY, we started to work on our album titled, PPL WATCHING.

PPL WATCHING is itself a true triumph of creativity. It has an incredible overall flow, and each track provides something special for those who hear it. It is centered around hip hop, but draws on other musical influences like rock, jazz, and folk. When I sat down to do a podcast with Second Hand King and Neko, I stated this and Neek kind of looked at me and said, 'yea - it's people watching'. When you are people watching - which we have all done at some point - you can see just how diverse we as people are. You can see a wide array of emotions, of feelings, of struggle and success... and for me, this was the driving force behind our album.

PPL WATCHING means something special to both me and Domineko, but I think what we both want is for PPL WATCHING to mean something special to you.








Supporting Cast

DEV3N - Qari - Dutch Young - ITHINKITSBBP - Lady Jada - Mae C

Guest Appearances

Alex McClain - Brad Peters - Rebecca Parsons        

Live Instrumentation

Colin Coit

Technical Crew

Booda - MAB 

Art Direction



Marcy Gonzalez


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photograph by Marcy Gonzalez

No matter what you’re doing.
No matter what you’re going through.
No matter how dark things may seem to be in this moment.
Use the flame from your passion to light your way.
The more your light shines, the more you can be sure that PPL WATCHING.
— neek & tec