Domineko | Venue

When Domineko made the drive from KC to Topeka last month to perform at our 1Up event, he showed up early and played me some new music at our office. The music was innovative and creative as I've come to expect from the masculine rapper - but it had a different vibe to it than what I've heard in the past. Where before his music was stripped down and more transparent, this was a beefed up version of Neko than what I've heard in his past releases. 

Neko is as dynamic as they come. With the ability to rap well, harmonize melodies, create catchy hooks, and everything in between - a large factor with his music comes in the form of the producer. We've heard him paired up with Lo-Fi and SP404 wizard Rick Maun, remarkable sound selector Squibs, and even the entire Intelligent Sound crew - but this time around he enlisted a producer who I haven't heard before but will definitely remember after today.

Kevin Delaney (alongside superstar Rory Fresco) provides a more 808 heavy, trap influence on Neko's newest record Venue - which lays the groundwork for his forthcoming album 'Perfect Weekend'. Venue is loaded with Inner G - making for the perfect record to end the summer on a high note. Stream the record below and let us know what you think with a comment.