Dub Santana Is Always On His Job


Last year we watched rapper Dub Santana quickly climb up news feeds of the Topeka music scene, alongside a gang of young talent from the Capitol City. This year, Dub has expanded well beyond the Topeka market, and more importantly well beyond the limitations of a rapper. From booking his own shows, to booking other artists, to community work, the artist who is 'always on his job' proves he has more than one role in the music business.

His latest release, TRAPCONTROL, is a 6 track EP that features the laid back vibe styles of Dub that caught our attention 18 months ago. It opens with 'Always On My Job', a record I first heard performed live at the renovated Jackpot venue in Lawrence. From there, the tone is set - as Santana guides the listener through his day to day grind but shows insight to his bigger picture workings. 

With production from Mike Jones, 1L, and more - TRAPCONTROL also boasts guest verses from artists like E The Prophet and Stik Figa. Stream it now, and let us know what you think in the comments.