Milkdrop | Sunflowers

While listening to my Soundcloud feed in my car, my phone suddenly burst into flames and my speakers exploded out of my doors while driving down Kansas Avenue. When my hallucinations stopped I realized that it was actually just this new Milkdrop single that came on and I had to max out my volume and play it back three times.

Sunflowers is the latest from Milk, who has been consistently delivering quality music since before I can even remember. The record features a monster beat from producer Emani and a guest feature from the St. Louis bred heavyweight Tef Poe

While Sunflowers is a great start, we are expecting some of the best from the Leavenworth emcee on his upcoming album, The Leavenworth Story. You can purchase this single for just $1 on Bandcamp, and stream it below via Soundcloud.