Stik Figa & The Conductor | Oh Please

When I think of Jay Z, I think of Just Blaze. When I think of Missy Elliot, I think of Timbaland. It's only natural that when I think of the Topeka bred Stik Figa, I think of his Kansas City counterpart, D\Will, who goes by a new name of Conductor Williams.

The genuine emcee and master beatsmith have been releasing music together for as long as I can remember. Their track record is deeper than any other producer \ rapper combo I can think of. You'd think that with nearly 10 years of collaborating together their sound would become tiresome and predictable, but it's actually quite the opposite.

Oh Please is the first record from the duo in a while, as Stik was working on his recent Mello Music album Central Standard Time and Williams has branched out as BLK FLANL, started his own production academy, and put out a couple beat tapes. 

Stik sounds more comfortable than ever over the stripped down soulful instrumental of Williams as they both deliver the sound I've come to expect, but with a different bit of flair than what I remember hearing in the past. Stream the record below to hear for yourself.