Spencer Alexander Shines on Note To Self

These days everybody is a rapper, or at least thats what they tell me anytime I run into them. While it is true that everyone can say they're a rapper, not everyone can say they're a musician, and even fewer people can say they're as talented as Spencer Alexander. 


I've met Spencer before on a few occasions, as he's usually in and out of Industry Soundz studio quite frequently. The first time I really had an interaction with him, was when he came to my studio in Topeka to play guitar live during an Audio Workshop course while MAB demoed Pro Tools to a class of about 5 people. I was very fortunate to listen to his debut album Note To Self in it's entirety, without skipping a single beat. I was traveling back from Santa Fe and this made for the perfect listen for a 600 mile drive through the rural country roads. While it didn't last all 600 miles, the 35 minute run time was satisfying but it really left me wanting to hear more from one of Kansas City's most talented music makers. 

Bringing together a incredibly talented cast that includes acts like DEV3N, Kadesh Flow, Sheven, D Dot Professor, and more - Spencer and his guitar sit as the center piece of the album and hold it's conceptual idea together. The jazz and blues influence is heavy throughout, from the guitar strums to brass backing. What's most interesting, is how this blues style of music influence the featuring performers as well. Nearly every chorus features a soulful vocal performance that makes me feel like I'm sitting in front of an actual jazz \ blues band. 

Note To Self is described as 'an expression of experience...based on different forms of love or lack of' - guiding the listener through a range of tones and attitudes. Bringing multiple artist together to make an album is no easy task, trust me I've done it myself. With the musical contributors feeding off Spencer's skill, Note To Self brings the soul of blues and spirit of jazz out of everyone, including the audience. 

Stream Note To Self on your preferred platform today, and purchase it via Alexander's Bandcamp.

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