STRAP Displays Visual Skills On Moses

We declared S.T.R.A.P. the best rapper in Kansas a couple years ago, and our opinion hasn't changed much. The Ugandan born \ Wichita based artist has now ventured into the video world, directing and editing his own material. His latest project is Moses, a track from his previously released album The Young Elder

The fast paced aggressive record gets an equally intense video, cutting between beautifully stunning shots taken between Kansas City and New Orleans. He films in the recognizable and iconic Nelson Atikins Museum with the shuttlecock sculptures in back, and also makes use of the Selfie Boutique we've been seeing more and more of in photos and videos. If you don't watch the whole video, you'll really miss out on the dog at the ending.

"The Nelson-Atkins Museum, New Orleans and the Selfie Boutique represented the nomadic nature of a world traveller." S.T.R.A.P. tell us when we asked about what motivated him to work on the video. "Moses historically was a beacon of hope of the enslaved Israelites. Trying to parallel his historic / biblical reference to a hip-hop song is more the reflection of an immigrant moving around trying to ambassador his love for hip-hop and the different cultures the consume it. The theme of the song initially was to represent someone that is in different places at different times."

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