Kye Colors | Milk is Nasty

I've seen Kye Colors name scattered around the Kansas City music community for some time now, usually attached to the CaviArt brand - but the first time I heard his music was just a few weeks ago. 

MILK IS NASTY is the first project by the 17 year old musician, who also produced the entire 9 track EP. Weighing in at just under 30 minutes, the dairy themed project is as colorful as it is creative. Kye bridges the gap and flexes multiple talents throughout the length of the album - which all flows seamlessly together blending and old school soulful vibe with a more dynamic new school feel.

I also have to applaud him on the title itself, as milk is a truly disgusting animal byproduct that should have no place on the food chart.

Considering Kye Colors is just 17 years old - we are all excited to hear more from one of Kansas City's youngest and brightest hip hop stars in the years to come. Stream MILK IS NASTY below via Soundcloud.