Milkdrop | The Leavenworth Story


Labeled as "The First City of Kansas", Leavenworth is just about an hour drive down 1-70 East from my home in Topeka. Leavenworth should get plenty of attention, after it became known that J. White, the producer of 2017's biggest song Bodak Yellow, was recognized as a Leavenworth High graduate. This is a place many people call home, including John-Alan Suter - more commonly known as Milkdrop. Widely known as one-half of Lincoln Marshall, the Datura Records frontman dedicated his latest album to his hometown and captured it's history through both music, and photography. 

After listening to the Tef Poe assisted single "Sunflowers" nearly 100 times, it was safe to say I was ready to hear the project in it's entirety. Full of soul and authenticity, Milkdrop controls each track with the precision that only veteran emcees of his caliber would have. It's full of personality and charisma, which is a refreshing break from the world of fast food rap where people are obsessed with becoming trends. It is inspiring both through its technical achievement and artistic expression. 


Accompanied by a photo book, Milkdrop puts his lens to the test as he sets to capture the industrial and sometimes desolate feel of his city. Each page features a full color print of his surroudings, and when paired with the music itself could give the audience quite the tour of Leavenworth. While we are only 2 months into 2018, it's clear that The Leavenworth Story is an early contender for this year's top album.

Stream and purchase The Leavenworth Story on Bandcamp.