South House | Invasion

photo by Marcy Gonzalez

photo by Marcy Gonzalez

Last year me and Christian Richardson, a person I had only met a handful of times, packed everything we could fit into my Corolla and drove for two days to Miami, Florida where we lived together for 6 months. During our short stay in South Florida, we spent a good part of it inside our apartment behind laptop screens making beats for no rappers in particular. Fast forward to today and Christian, who goes by South House, just released his first single as an artist himself. 

I've paid attention to South House's music over the years, as he has been one of this areas best kept secrets living in the backyard of Kansas City. I'd often refer artists who wanted 'trap' beats to him - as that was the genre I felt he represented. Today however, his new single Invasion flips the script as he moves forward into the world of EDM. 

The once trap oriented producer who raves about Scott Storch every time I see him makes a bold move into a genre once heavily criticized by the hip hop world. Growing up many of my friends distanced themselves from EDM and often mocked it's repetitive, bass heavy style and lack of words. This is of course comical since today's mainstream hip hop could be described the exact same way. 

The release of Invasion further emphasizes the idea that hip hop and rap is mostly being carried by the producer, especially the commercially successful mumble raps of artists like Migos, Future, Lil Pump, Xxxtentacion, and many others. I've argued the idea that music production is more important than ever and have often cited that Jay Z is the only artist who could sell an a cappella album when he released a vocal only version of American Gangster. Ironically this album was mostly purchased by producers such as 9th Wonder for remix purposes.

As the worlds of hip hop and EDM continue to blend, it's artists like South House who are crossing that bridge and taking risks by putting out records that don't fit in the typical genre boxes. Stream Invasion on Spotify, or find it on your preferred listening platform today.