FK Menace | If You Only Knew

FK Menace, the San Antonio beat maker now living in Kansas City, has been making a name for himself in the up and coming producer community. "If You Only Knew" is now streaming on SoundCloud, and bolsters just over thirty minutes of soulful, jazz and latin infused beats. We caught up with FK and had a few questions for him as well.

Check out the SoundCloud stream and Q&A session with the Maschine master below.

Congratulations on the new release of 'If You only Knew', this marks your debut instrumental project correct? 

Thanks brother I appreciate it.

I actually put out another project titled, “Familia” which had more of a latin vibe to it. Although in a way, yeah i would call it my debut, because i think this project marks a point were I feel like I’ve improved the most since I've first started.

Your bio says you're based in KC by way of San Antonio, and originally from Oakland. How has living in these very different areas affected your music?

Originally I was born in Oakland because my pops was stationed out there in the Navy so I don’t really remember much. I grew up in San Antonio, TX and came to Kansas City in 2012 to attend the Kansas City Art Institute. I'd say living down south brought a lot of southern rap, and cumbia music growing up. More importantly my mother knew her Latin music as well as the 50s & 60s oldies. My pops taught me a lot about the West Coast underground music, along with the Funk, Soul, and Oldies as well. Lastly my homeboy Zerktronic, taught me all the East Coast music, Soul , and House music. I would say with all the music I've learned and growing up in a super diverse and cultured city, it made me appreciate all music taught to me. I would say Kansas City taught me Midwest and Lo-Fi music for sure.

You're music is loaded with soulful samples, something that seems against the grain in todays microwave music world of trap loops and preset drum kits. What pulled you into that sound?

I think for the most part using samples is a great way to represent feeling, and the music back then was so smooth. I enjoy listening to the vocals and drums. Now today's music is dope, don’t get me wrong, I'll use the preset drums, but I really [like] the process of going to find the right sample and layer everything in piece by piece. I'm only getting better so trying to use those soulful samples better and better, makes the point I’m trying to get across a lot easier. 

Last time we met, you were banging out beats on Maschine. What do you think of the Native Instruments device? How do you like what it offers? 

I love it! I think its very intuitive forsure, and I dig the organization of it to. Although I do feel like its limited sometimes, so I’m learning other softwares right now. Other than that its been a great drum pad to use. Even when i first started, I actually used the iMaschine app to make beats.

I caught you perform at the Buttonpush beat battle a while back, what was that experience like? What did you think of the rest of the KC based producer scene?

I think it was a dope first hand experience honestly. I got to see what the KC producer scene was like for the first time, and also were I stood as producer. I lost in the first round, and I wasn’t pissed one bit, I used it as a learning experience, and now i just want to improve. As far as the producers I heard that night, the talent is definitely there.

If You Only Knew is a great start, what's next for FK Menace? Any artists you are working with on the regular?

Thanks G. As far as whats next, right now I’m working on different music from more soul samples, Latin to House and just other stuff out of my comfort zone. Later in October I’m most likely going to drop a "Familia 2”. after that I'll just kind of keep going back and forth with the soulful tape and then the latin. Really I’m not working with anyone at the moment, just learning a little bit more day by day and when it comes time, I've got a couple of homeboys that want to work on some projects down the road.