Bad Dreamer | If It Goes Wrong

Nobody writes music like Joe Stanziola, better known as Second Hand King. Every time I listen to his records I connect with and feel his writing comes from the heart. Bad Dreamer pairs his honest and open penmanship with that of Jesse Bartmess' electronic sound manipulation and production. The end result, is Bad Dreamer.

If It Goes Wrong - the duos debut project - is a mild, slow pace ambient work that captures the listener through subtle sounds and intricate lyrics. Music that invokes emotion will always stand the test of time, because when you hear it, it will make you think and feel. Tracks like 'Til September' and 'Avoiding' capture that experience perfectly.

The progressive production of Bartmess comes from experimentation mixed with experience. The long drawn out chords and quiet drumming lay the backdrop for Stanziola to shine over his instrumentation, blending sounds that are acoustic, analog, digital, and everything in between.

If It Goes Wrong definitely makes for one of 2017's top releases as it released this November, making for a great soundtrack to the upcoming winter. Stream it on Spotify or your preferred platform today.

Also for purchase on Bandcamp.