Frankie Puts Multiple Genres Into a Blender

Second Hand King - studio - February '18 - 9.jpg

As hip hop becomes more and more diverse in the recent years, Second Hand King pushes the boundary of the genre with his long talked about album, Frankie. Becoming one of Kansas City's most prominent artists with past releases like Before the Bomb Drops and his work as Bad Dreamer, Frankie might be his best work so far. Straight from his own words, King describes the album "as if a young Buddy Holly listened to too much Eminem".

The album meshes together elements of a multitude of genres, such as big band, doo wap, hip hop, folk... It would be more accurate to say Frankie blurs the lines between time rather than sound. Multi layered vocals mixed with stellar production add to the depth and dynamic of Frankie, helping bring King's work to life.

Second Hand King has always been one of our favorite musicians, both for his professional level of sound and his ability to create transparent music that people can relate to. Frankie summarizes all of this and tells the story of a lost doo wap singer experiencing love, heartbreak, and eventually the journey to self realization. 

Stream Frankie on Spotify below and let us know what you think in the comments. Want to learn more about Joe? Check out this podcast brought to you buy Shuttlecock Music