Sheven | Coexisting

When I first met the diverse Kansas City based artist Sheven, I was at the Bottleneck in Lawrence when he came up to me and gave me a copy of 'Expungement' - his first musical endeavor. I took the CD and listened to it in my car on the ride back to Topeka and was pretty impressed, so I decided to start keeping tabs on the emcee.

I heard he was working on his second album, and that he was putting a lot of effort into it this time around. I was lucky to be a part of Coexisting, his sophomore release which has been buzzing across my social media feeds the last few weeks. 

Coexisting weighs in at only nine tracks, but brings a wide range of style from Sheven. The album blends a more alternative influenced sound with R&B and aggressive Hip Hop to make for one intense listen. This is not background music for a long drive down 1-70. This is attention grabbing in your face stop what you're doing music that delivers on all levels.

With the first video from the album 'The Recipe' just right around the corner, everyone should be sure to keep their eyes out for this quickly up and coming KC creative.

Stream Coexisting on either SoundCloud or Spotify and let us know what you think in the comments.