BLTN: Avery Jones | Swim Sessions

Swim Sessions Cover.jpg

While searching for the best albums of 2017 for our last article, I revisited some of my favorite pieces and also came across some great new music I had never heard before. Swim Sessions, a collection of tracks from 22 year old Kansas City artist Avery Jones, happened to fall into the latter.

With quite a minimalistic approach, the music of Jones represents his struggle of everyday life that many of us go through. In an email provided to me he writes: 'We all can connect with it on some level because of the beauty in the struggle.'  He goes on to write he wishes to make a song for every occasion, that documents both his inspirations and his obstacles. Even his name is a testament to his music as he writes 'I am human; my stage name is my government! What you see is what you get.'

Swim Sessions comes out under ClearWater Records, a label composed of young and determined KC creatives. Alongside Avery is D'Angelo Hicks, a fellow artist and founder of the label, and Dedric Bradley, a close friend who now oversees from a management role. With the promise of new content on the way, ClearWater seeks to establish itself in the ever growing Kansas City market.

Stream Swim Sessions on SoundCloud and let us know what you think in the comments.