I spend a lot of time on social media, probably more than most. Overall I operate about 20 different profiles between just the big three, Facecbook, Instagram and Twitter. I get notifications throughout the day, but I will always remember the cryptic Tweets I received from a mysterious Twitter profile labeled 'YOUNG MVCHETES'. It was a piece of paper, torn from a memo pad, and had a message on it for us, and it also identified the members of CULT personally. 

Later on in the following weeks I was at a group dinner, when Marty of EBONY TUSKS had asked me who I keeping my eyes on in Topeka, and I had mentioned the machetes. He laughed as if he was also keeping an eye on them as well, and told me he was certain of their identity. I however at the time still had no idea who they were. 

Today as I write this article, I feel as though I've realized who YOUNG MVCHETES is, mostly noting the familiar language on their new record 'OOH', and also that only a handful of Topeka creatives communicate on Twitter. We were asked to debut 'OOH' exclusively today and I could not be more excited to do so. 

Check out the socially charged record below and if you think you know the identity of the machetes, let us know in the comments.