Santana x Tione | EP

Artists in the capital city are making moves, and a new project from Tione and Dub Santana is something to keep in your latest listening rotation. The six track SoundCloud playlist pairs the two creatives going back to back over slow paced electronic influenced beats. The sharp changes in flow and cadence make the whole project vibe from start to finish. 

While I was discussing their new project with some other people in the Topeka music scene, they claimed they didn't want to listen to the tracks because the quality sounded bad. As a music producer and part time sound engineer, I understand their reasoning for this, but that also ignited a debate I've been thinking about for some time now.

There is a genre of hip hop now that does not rely on quality, and instead relies on creativity and expression. I'm sure we have all heard the distorted songs by artists like XXXTENACION and Lil Pump that exemplify this. While I believe Tione and Santana's project sounds miles better than the two South Florida rappers, this project still leans on the creativity and expressionism as opposed to professional grade recordings and traditional song recipes.

I'd love to elaborate more on this topic, but don't want to pull the attention away from the music.

You can stream Santana x Tione EP via the SoundCloud playlist below.