KeVon Seats | Hot in Topeka

A few weeks ago I had a conversation about the younger talent coming out of Topeka, and the who's who back and forth was only a topic for a few seconds. It was a moment that left me very discouraged. Fast forward to late last night, while scrolling my Facebook feed I decided to check into a SoundCloud link that caught my attention. After the first line I could tell this was some personal material from the artist. I then read the title "Hot in Topeka" I assumed this would have been a trap song of some sort but I was wrong. KeVon Seat talked about his father going overseas for some time leaving his mom alone at home so he's staying in Topeka for the summer. The track touches on real life situations with some dope rhymes and flow. The new area of rap had me thinking every young rapper was high on pills, stumbling over beats, dyed red hair and wore a pair of legging all while claiming to be better than 2pac and Biggie. While the new era of 'mumble rap' goes against traditional music, it's good to see artists like KeVon keeping the spirit of soulful hip hop.