Geek$quad | Geekcity

Geek$quad is a group formed by Jerald (JFISH) and Jharee (COACH) Fisher, other members include their cousin Muhkayla Stenson (Killary) and several other artist under their label WAY2GEEKED ENT. They thrive off of their ability to engage the audience and have seen a lot of success due to their work ethic and consistency. Because of their high energy and party nature the name GEEK$QUAD was a perfect fit for them.

I recently caught up with JFish to talk about Geek$quad's news project "GeekCity".

JFish said "I had an idea one day that I wanted to do a tape predominantly with features from some of the local artist I listen to, the name GeekCity happened by accident when I was doing the graphics for the cover lol and it just stuck, we also were lucky enough to have Dj 2 Cold host it as well."