Les Paul | Jive Turkey

The first time I met Les Paul, the opinionated Kansas City rapper, was on Mass Street in Lawrence, Kansas while meeting with some other local talent. The only thing I remember about our first encounter, was that Paul talked, a lot. We wouldn't run into each other again until we met on stage at The Granada where he was performing with his Mental High label mates. 

While my first impression of Paul was rather forgettable, I will never forget watching him from the side stage as he performed in front of a packed out venue. The 27 year old musician (then younger at the time) gave an energetic display of sight and sound, as he shouted 'Carpe Diem' at a crowd who replied 'Seize the Day'. 

Since that night some 3 or 4 years ago, Les has spent much of his time working on 'Jive Turkey' - the rappers debut album. Announced earlier this year, the Kendu designed artwork immediately caught my attention with its obscure colors and imagery. Jive Turkey is loaded with top notch production and several featuring artists like Mickey Factz and The Abnorm. With an impressive runtime, the long play covers a wide array of sound that all blends together in the end, especially when accompanied by jive themed skits scattered throughout.

A combination of new and old, Jive Turkey delivers the best of a dynamic and outspoken artist who may not always see eye to eye with his peers but does deserve to be heard. Stream Les Paul's Jive Turkey now on Soundcloud and let us know what you think in the comments.