Pete Sayke | Shaolin Fangs

Pete Sayke may have more ties into the Topeka community than you think. His label mate and collaborator Mike Schpitz has been putting on for 785 for a long time now, and on Shaolin Fangs he linked up with Stik Figa along with Ill Brown, Ves120, and Tona for what makes one of this years best records. 

Now a Chicagoan, Pete was formerly 1\2 of the Grumpy Old Men duo, but has been gearing up for a solo album these past few months. His soon to be released 'Heaven Can Wait' project is due out December 1st, but he has some buzz worthy singles already in circulation.

Shaolin Fangs has a Wu-Tang-esque feel to it, as the very skillful emcees combine words for nearly four and a half minutes over the aggressive LONEgevity instrumental.

You can hear more from Pete on any of the major streaming platforms, or on his Soundcloud.

Stream Shaolin Fangs below and let us know what you think the comments.