JR Stainless | No Ceilings

CULT's Lino Brown met producer JR Stainless at KMD's artist, Jay Mizz's music video shoot a little over a year ago and has been on our radar ever since. JR Stainless just released his newest music video featuring artists, Show and Sincere Grant. Lino had a brief discussion with CEO of "JR Stainless, LLC" JR Stainless LLC and this is what he had to say.

" "Stainless" is a mentality and a lifestyle. No matter what the circumstances, remain the same. Remain true to yourself. It's a dirty world and sometimes you may have to get dirty too but polish yourself off and get back to it! I'm from Junction City, KS and I've been on the executive production side of music, independently for around 3 yrs pushing and working with artists like, "Ka$h Kang(FoxxWit), Jay Mizz(KMD), Roe(BMG), Johnny Polygon and other dope artists. I eventually decided to talk all that I've learned and invest in my own abilities as a business mind, music lover and creator. Marcus(KMD) is my brother. We grew up together and he definitely was one of the people to inspire me to invest in myself."

Tobias Harvey