EZ | Interview

Fresh off the release of his newest album Ocean Drive - we got a chance to see how things unfolded for EZ along the way. All photographs courtesy of Steez816.

Ocean Drive is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.

photo: Steez816

Q&A with EZ

Q: Congratulations on the recent release, how have you been?

A: Thanks, I really appreciate it.  I've been pretty chill just happy I'm done with the project I put alot of work into it. GOOD VIBEZ

Q: Ocean Drive definitely has a Kansas City feel to it amongst the emerging sound of the region, how has the local music scene influenced your music?

A: I can't say I'm too much influenced by anyone from the city to be honest, besides Tech. The things he's accomplishing makes me go even harder everyday. Not to sound arrogant but I try to influence those around me. 

Q: You've definitely got an ear for beats, who were some of the producers you worked with in creating Ocean Drive?

A: Everyone who produced for me was out of state. The main producer was a cat named "Lowkey" he's from Miami he's dope he was the genius for creating the addiction beat and "WBU".  My homie vino also blessed me with the last track dedication, he's a real good dude we got something coming.  Also "Real one" Who produced 2am, Jay Fargo & and a producer named Andre. 

Q: I played Ocean Drive through Spotify when listening myself, how important was it to publish this album across the streaming platforms?

A: It's very important I just want the music to be heard and I want everyone to hear what I got to say because I'm raping about daily things people would go through whether its love or just getting through life. I think the streaming is something that's going to be big soon, and I'm thankful for it. 

Q: What was your recording process like? How much time went into Ocean Drive?

A: This whole year I've been recording and recording until I found the right sound for the tape.  Once in in the zone I'm in creative mode and my mind is just working non stop.  I feel like making music is what I was born to do I got a ear for good music. I just wanna bring feeling back to the listener when they hear a good song.

photo: Steez816

Q: Got any shows coming up in support of Ocean Drive? Any venues you frequent at?

A: As of right now I don't have any shows but if they come out I'm sure the people will know just check out my Instagram @Tharealez I post every thing on there so follow me. 

Q: What's next for EZ?

A: I Plan on putting out more dope visuals for my fans & i plan to take over the Kansas City music scene and taking the #1 spot in hiphop mainstream and underground.  I just wanna be number 1 and I'm going to out work everybody and keep making good music until I reach mygoal.
I wanna thank everybody who bought the project on iTunes I really appreciate it! I wanna shout out my brothers Steez, Josh, B & my boy Vino. A big thank you to the dope female voice on the album the homie Libby it's all love, and also everyone who was apart of the project to help create it.