SuperShaqGonzoe | ONE DAY EP

Energy + Fire Beats = SuperShaqGonzoe. I've been following this artist for a few years now, I met him at a Bars Up event in Lawrence, KS. He grabbed the mic and immediately took the attention of everyone around him. I managed to stay in contact with him ever since, as he would later release songs along with creative visuals from video director James Rico and Logan Meis.  

"Trying to be the man one day, hope you understand one day."- SuperShaqGonzoe lets you know he's on the grind and is focused to be one of the G.O.A.T's. I don't believe he is being cocky he is just stating what's going to happen in the future. He has my attention and I highly suggest anyone reading this should listen to his music and you will find out why.

Twitter: @SuperShaqGonzoe
Instagram: SuperShaqGonzoe
Soundcloud: SuperShaqGonzoe