The first time I heard Mae C was when me and Dev were working on EQUALITY back in late 2014. Around this time 1Bounce was plotting out his debut album "THE Album" and her name was being thrown around more and more as a vocalist. Fast forward to present day, and Mae C has has established herself as a prominent artist amongst KC with her own album available, 'Warning Signs of True Love'.

I caught up with her last month with some questions about herself as an artist, her album WSOTL, and how it all came together.


Q: Congratulations on your new album, I feel like a lot of the artist community around KC has been waiting on this including myself, how has the feedback been so far?

A: The feedback has been immense and full of love. I was recently was shouted out on Instagram by B.o.b’s Dj Shawty Slim, he sent me a lot of love about my album! I even got feedback from recording artist MusiqSoulChild, telling me that I found my individuality in music and potentially maybe wanting work with me in the near future! Most importantly I have received a tremendous amount of love from my city, Kansas City. It means a great deal to have the support from the people that surround me.


Q: How long have you been involved in music?

A: I've been involved with music since I could turn on a radio for myself. As a young girl I would sit in my room for hours on a daily basis and listen and study anything from the layers of classical music to the rhythmic lyricism of Kurtis Blow, NAS, Public Enemy, NWA, Treacherous Three, (that I would sneak from my dad’s collection). Whenever I was asked what kind of music I listened to, I was the one that said EVERYTHING. I was also involved in choir since grade school all the way up to high school. I would perform in talent shows and any event I could sing at! I didn’t start recording my first song until about 2 years ago “ Let Me Out” and since then I’ve have been making my way up from there!


Q: When did you first start working on WSOTL? What inspired you to create the album?

A: I started to work on WSOTL in Fall 2015. The title of the album “Warning Signs of True Love” was inspired by a serious conversation that with a friend that had hurt me during the summer. I had realized that I had been through this exact situation several times before. This time I finally I was able to handle the situation and talking it out instead of running away from it and holding it in. For me it was God's warning sign of his true love. Looking back on my life I realized that God will allow things to happen to for me to grow through these struggles and difficulties, so I can learn from them and become a better and stronger person. Instead of dwelling on my struggles I now see it as God’s love for me to be prepared for the greatness he has in store for me. Every song on the album was written and inspired by the experiences that I had gone through in the past.


Q: Who were some of the key players that helped along the way?

A: Some key players that help with this album were MAB with Indudstry Soundz, The Goonez, 1Bounce and of course “The Home Team”. MAB, no doubt about it is more than an engineer and I’m sure anyone that has worked with him would vouch for that. Throughout this process he became my friend a mentor, consoler, you name it he was there and always had my back. There would be days I’d come into the studio and would be way too hard on myself and he would let me do that because believe it or not I that what I needed because some people would tell me “Not to be so hard on yourself”. But he understood that I wanted this project to be the best thing I could create with resources and knowledge I had and this point in my career.

The Goonez, well let’s just say they saved my life, laughing but very serious. During my beat selection process I was struggling to find the sound I was looking for on this project. I mean I almost gave up on the date I had set for myself to have the project done because I was just not finding what I was looking for. Then one day in February of this year they hit me up and said they had some beats they wanted me to listen to. Since I’m a more visual and hands on person I asked if we could meet up so we could sit down and talk about what I was looking for. When we did the most amazing thing had happened. I got three beats from them that I absolutely loved! And I ended up writing to every single one of them within that same week. It was the craziest feeling ever, I listened to them and every, emotion, feeling, lyric came right out of me. After having that experience I knew in the future I couldn’t settle for anything less when it came to the production of my work. I felt completely free writing and recording to their beats and from now on that’s how it should be.

1Bounce, he pushed me and opened my mind to my potential. He taught me to believe in myself and not to be afraid of my talent; be relentless and unapologetic. Through him, Imet The Home Team, who truly inspires me. I’ve learned so much from watching and listening to these guys. Most of all, for the first time I felt so much love every time they were around and that is what made WSOTL so fun and easy to create because I had people like them that believed in me.

“Warning Signs of True Love” is my first project. With this EP I wanted to set a standard and inspire not only myself but other artists aspiring to one day become center stage. I wanted to show what it takes and more to begin the journey of greatness because “This Is Just the Beginning."


Warning Signs of True Love is available now on iTunes, you can keep up with Mae C and her music below via her social media and website.

WSOTL - Available on iTunes

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