Loogey | Fleek Hood Mac

If you haven't heard his name by now prepare to get familiar with Loogey, a Kansas City rapper who caught my attention as soon as I heard the first track off his recently released album "Fleek Hood Mac". The EP plays seamlessly as each record transitions to the next, I didn't need to skip a single track. I was able to catch up with Loogey through a Q&A which you can read below. Check out his music via Soundcloud and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Q: Who is Loogey the rapper?

A: I’ve written and deleted 5 different things. I have no idea.

Q: How’d did u come up with the album title? Fleet Hood Mac?

A: It was just something stupid I said one night and I went with it. No meaning other than that.

Q: How long you’ve been rapping and how did you get started?

A: My first show was at the end of 2012 I believe. I honestly was just making music in Garageband and decided to start performing it live after being pressured by my friends. 

Q: I noticed u have a lot of ink whats your fav one?

A: Shit. I’m not sure. They're all so complicated and intertwined now that they almost just seem like one big tattoo to me. 

Q: Are you really the only white rapper you like as stated on The Difference?

A: No, I think that was just more of me venting a little frustration about how I get painted into the white rapper corner from time to time. I respect and admire a handful of white rappers, but they are typically artists that stand out to me for coming off as “un-white”. I really do hate the overly nasal sound of the typical white rapper that pops into all of our heads. I’ve had a lot of feedback about that song, and specifically that lyric. 

Q: Dominkeo was featured on “The Hatred & The Doubt track” and video how did that come to be? He’s the only featured artists right?

A: Yeah, that song wasn't even supposed to be on the album. I’ve known Neko through other artists for a few years and we decided to finally link up and work on a song back in January or February. We sat down and listened to a beat pack that Lando Beats had sent me, picked a beat, wrote the song, and had it turned around out of the studio the same week. I started working with Steve Vest doing a few videos and he kept coming back to that song and saying how much he liked it. I decided to put it on the “FHM” and consequentially we made the video at a local store (The Loop KC) in Westport that a friend of mine owns. I’m glad the song made the album now though.

Q: What is it like being apart of the KC Music Scene?

A: It’s like when Indiana Jones fell into the snake pit.

Q: With the recent album release whats next for you?

A: I’m back in the studio already. I’m working on some shows down South and out West this Fall. I’m really just cannon balling the rabbit hole and seeing what happens.