Whitney Peyton | Boobie Trap Show

Deuce Alley Productions presents Whitney Payton at The Boobie Trap in Topeka,KS featuring a lot of the local talent opening up before she took the stage. I haven't heard much of Whitney Payton until I saw her open up for The Kottonmouth Kings at The Granada a few months back. I didn't get to see her actually perform because of my scheduling that evening. When I heard she was going to be in my city I had to see what she was about. As soon as she took the stage I became an instant fan.  As soon as she came out on the stage I felt her energy and she kept that level up for her entire performance. It was hard for me to capture her on camera. She went into the crowd got on tables, stood on top of the counter at the bar, and even performed while standing on the crowd. Her ability to capture my attention and keep my attention for her entire set is what some mainstream artists lack and I've been to alot of rap concerts. The video above is from the show but it is nothing like being there in person. She put on amazing show. The crowd loved every second she was there. Whitney Peyton is an artist that I look forward to seeing again and will definitely be an artist that will be getting her own playlist on my itunes. PLEASE BUY MUSIC! SUPPORT THE ARTISTS like her.