I came across this beat tape on SoundCloud a couple weeks ago, I've been listening to it ever since. I don't normally bump a lot of trap stuff, but No Coast Ghost absolutely delivers with his G A M E - O V E R EP project. I reached out to him via Facebook for some comments, here's what he had to say. Check out G A M E - O V E R on SoundCloud above and connect with him below.

Q: First let me say the Game Over project you've put out is very impressive, even at just a 12 minute runtime. It's actually the first time I've heard your music, how long have you been doing this? 

A: Man, Thanks So Much. It Really Gets Me Hyped To Hear That.. I've Grown Up My Whole Life Around Music And Instruments In My Home. My Whole Family Both On My Mom And Dads Side Are Really Musically Inclined.  Just About Four Years Ago Though, I Found My Own Personal Outlet Outside Of Playing With Physical Instruments, Dabbling Around On My Computer And Making Tunes With Samples And VST's. I've Been Addicted To Playing And Recording Music Like That Ever Since. 

Q: Who are some of the local musicians or artists you frequent with?

I Fuck With Loogey And Geesace Pretty Heavily. They're Both Solid Dudes That Are Like Brothers To Me. What Both Of Those Guys Are Doing With Their Music Inspires Me So Much. Anybody That Doesn't Know Who Those Two Are Should Check Out Their Work ASAP. 

Q: What's some of your equipment like? Have any go to secret weapons?

A: My Set Up Right Now Consists Of A Maschine Studio, (That's The Go To. Best Tool EVER.) And A Komplete Control S88 Keyboard. Both Of Those Are Made By Native Instruments. Everything About Native Instruments And Their Equipment Is On Point. Both Of Those Pieces Of Hardware Plug Right Into My Macbook, And The Noises Come Out Of My Mackie MRmk3 Monitors.

Q: How have people received Game Over? Any complaints or just all praise?

So Far, It's All Been Really Positive, And Cool. I've Been Getting A Lot Of Random Likes, Reposts, And DM's On My Soundcloud From People From Like Germany, And The UK And Stuff. The Coolest Interaction I've Had From This Game Over Project So Far Though Was Recently With The Producer Southside From 808 Mafia. I Randomly Got A DM From Him Giving Me Ups On The Project And Asking For A Download Link. Definitely Mind Boggling To Read Something Like That From Someone Who's Music I've Paid A Lot Of Attention To And Gathered A Lot Of Inspiration From.

Q: Where can people contact you? Twitter / SoundCloud etc

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