Sheven - The Recipe

I don't remember how I got a copy of Sheven's 'Expungement' CD - but I do remember listening to it almost all the way through on a drive back from Kansas City. I later met him once at The Bottleneck as he was continuing his push into the local music scene. That was the last time I saw Sheven before I moved to Miami - but I continued to see his name spread around on the Twittersphere.

When I saw he had new music coming and featuring my good friend Domineko I was more than excited, and probably one of the first persons to stream it. Expungement was a well put together project and had some songs with replay value, but Recipe shows Sheven is a force to rekon with in the KC market and beyond. 

Check out Recipe below and keep it locked here to find out what else Sheven has in store.