Joey Cool | Swank Sinatra

Joey Cool and Kansas City based producer, Burna Music just released their 1st ever collaborative album with 14 tracks including features by Bre the 1st Lady, Info Gates, Mac Lethal, Dutch Newman and a few of the Heavy hitters of Strange music JL B. Hood, Ces Cru and Tech N9ne. had the opportunity to ask Joey Cool a few questions about the new project below.

Q: Describe Swank Sinatra? Any influence from Frank Sinatra? 

A: Swank Sinatra is Hip Hop, it's rap, it's soul, it's light r&b, heartbreak, celebratory, story's real life situations. And anybody close to me knows 'Old Blue Eyes' is one of my biggest influences in life, period. His passion for life was always inspiring to me. 

Q: How did you and Burna link up.for this project?

A: Burna has been recording my projects since 2012 I believe. We've got a lot in common actually. Our mindsets are exactly the same about a lot of things. So we decided to combine our thoughts to come up with something meaningful. Something that'll last. I think we worked on this album for like a year and a half. It changed forms a few times haha.

Q: You have some amazing features on this project...what was it like recording with all of them?

A: I've been in the studio with every single person featured on the album. Everyone's process is different, but always professional. Steel sharpens steel so for me, it's always a good feeling when I'm around elite artists. 

Q: You were just on tour with Strangemusic how was that experience?

A: It was amazing I'm ready to go back haha. Touring is one of the most humbling experiences and Strange fans show hella love. Plus, I got to rock with my ace JL B.Hood every night, which is always a good ass time. 

Q: Whats the state of The Midwest (kc) rap scene from your eyes?

A: I think Kansas City has a lot to offer as far as music goes. I think other regions of the country are starting to realize that too. I mean really the only music I listen to is usually my rapper friends. I know I'm supposed to say something about 'unity' or whatever, but some people are so far removed that it's not beneficial to unite with them. Recognizing what lane you're in is a major key and being able to recognize what DOESN'T fit you isn't a bad thing. 

Q: Whos Your favorite local rapper?

A: JL B.Hood. 

Q: Whats next for Joey Cool?

A: Campaign campaign campaign. Pushing this new album to the absolute maximum. We want to spread it all over the world. I'm also getting my schedule lined up for 2017, knocking out features left & right, working on some visuals, and as always....making more music. I'm just trying to elevate out here. Stay Swanky. 

You can find the new project available here.

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